Stranded at New Year

Stranded at New Year eBook Cover

On Christmas Eve, I sat in an arm chair gazing out of the window. The evening news was on telling stories of the snowfall in the UK. I hadn’t seen the forecast, to me it seemed unexpected. This time last year I was stranded on Christmas Eve and was unable to spend Christmas with my family and ended up staying with strangers.

And then my mind wandered off and dreamed up a novella. I hope you enjoy it.


Stranded at New Year Blurb

Mollie runs a Guest House in South Wales. She has closed her doors for the Christmas season and is enjoying her time eating cake and reading.

On New Year’s Eve she has an unexpected guest, a guest that knows her from his childhood. Charlie’s flight is cancelled and is forced to stay at her guest house.

They get reacquainted in the most steamy, loving way.

Stranded at New Year is a short novella, that will warm your heart.


eBook available on all platforms.


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